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Professional underwater photographers the world over consider the Frederiksted Pier an important shrine on the pilgrimage route they follow in quest of the "next great shot." Far from mundane, the Pier is an attracter and habitat for some of the most sought-after and elusive marine creatures.

Seahorses, octopuses and frog fish are among the "stars" of a night dive at the Frederiksted Pier. Caribbean spiny lobsters, Spanish lobsters and slipper lobsters abound, as do several species of shrimp. Stingrays and Eagle rays are frequent passers-by and starfish, sea biscuits, urchins and crabs keep a constant vigil. 

Other residents include sea slugs and trumpet fish, gigantic parrot fish and eels (spotted, green and gold- spotted), flounder and scorpion fish, and every variety of Caribbean reef fish.

Scubawest is located on the waterfront just 100 yards from the Frederiksted Pier. A depth range of between 10 and 50 feet means long bottom times and the proximity to our dive shop means unbeatable convenience. Of course, the calm seas of our lee side of the island mean year-round, high quality diving, not only on the Pier but on all our dive sites.

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