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 St. Croix, newly named the "DIVERSe VIRGIN" and for a great reason;  there is no other island in the Caribbean where you can dive Wrecks, Reefs, Walls and a Pier dive in the same day.

 Air temperatures range from 65ºF to 75ºF at night and 80ºF to 90ºF during the day -- even in February! Water temperatures vary from 79ºF to 86ºF with visibility commonly from 75' to 100'and more.

Our Scubawest family is located on the leeward side of the island in the township of Frederiksted. An 18th Century Danish colonial port, Frederiksted is the gateway to continually ideal dive conditions. With the trade winds steady out of the east, we enjoy calm seas year-round, and the sheltered reefs within sight of the picturesque and peaceful Frederiksted waterfront are among the healthiest and most vibrant in the world.

A little about our "DIVERSe VIRGIN"

Reef Dives...
A diversity of coral gardens, long reefs, and gentle drop-offs compose more than twenty dive sites frequented by Scubawest and all within minutes  from the Frederiksted Pier via one of our dive boats. Certainly among the healthiest reef in the Caribbean, the West End Reefs should not be missed. 

Wreck Dives
The wrecks at Butler Bay are one of the major highlights of diving on St. Croix we boast five Wrecks and an underwater habitat all within 200 yards. We dive them in two dives-The Deep wrecks and the Shallow wrecks. 

Pier Dives
The Frederiksted Pier is the mecca of night dives, drawing underwater photographers from around the world. The pier is home of elusive creatures, like seahorses, frog fish and bat fish. 

Wall Dives
Just around the corner of the island from Frederiksted is Hams Bluff which, as it plunges into the sea, becomes the North Shore Wall. Beginning around 65 feet beneath the surface, The Wall drops vertically thousands of feet. It's upper portions -- down to 120 feet -- provide dramatic and exciting diving.


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