The calm clear waters of St. Croix's West End provides the highest quality diving the Caribbean has to offer. Our reefs can't be beat for their spectacular beauty and diversity. The Frederiksted Pier is the mecca of night dives, drawing underwater photographers from around the world. The six Butler Bay Wrecks are a huge attraction due to their great condition and proliferation of colorful sponge and coral.  We offer spectacular wreck, reef, wall and pier diving all within minutes from our full service PADI dive shop, on the waterfront in Frederiksted.

The Canary Islands offers some of the best diving in the world and is in easy reach of Europe. It is often possible to see different types of turtles and dolphins when you make a dive here.  We would recommend you take a PADI course in Gran Canaria. This will mean you will be able to dive safely all over the world and have an official certification. Naturally you will want to learn from the best instructors you can find

Keep a "fin" out for St. Croix:

All of the dive operators on island have joined hands (for the first time ever). We are  working together to promote our beautiful island. Our new promotion is the "DIVERSe VIRGIN" yes you can read that as "the Diver's Virgin Island" or the "Diverse Virgin Island". We like to think of it as both; you (as a diver) can dive wrecks, reefs, walls and the famous Frederiksted Pier all in one day. You can't do that on any other island in the Caribbean! 
Keep your eye out for our new promotion, we will be at all the big scuba diving trade shows in 2004 and we hope a few dive magazines. 

Let's go divin' mon!

Make sure to check out our Local Events page while you're here. Also, don't miss our Adventure Dive Vacation Packages with their unique emphasis on eco-exploration, as well as our special package offers -- both can be found from our Vacations page. We look forward to hearing from you! Look out our European partner for excursions. Go to their website or Facebook.

Tenerife also offers a fantastic location for diving because of the it's relatively warm waters in the atlantic near in the Canary Islands. Diving Atlantis are our chosen partner of choice for this. 

Diving Atlantis Tenerife
Av. La Gaviota N°1, L-A3, Varadero, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Guia de Isora, 38686. Phone: 671 40 89 70 

Scuba diving insurance is a mean of protecting the loss of life and incapacity of the scuba divers. There are special scuba dive insurance plans that are designed according to the affordability as well as the risk exposure of the diver. Scuba diving insurance plans are purchased for individuals as well as a family plan. These policies incorporate the medical coverage, various scuba diving travelling trips and insurance of scuba diving equipment. Additionally the risk of life or insurance against any body part as well as paralysis is also insured by some policies. If unfortunately death of a diver occurs, the insurance company is liable to ship the body at home.

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